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Cyber Safety

How safe are you on the Internet

We all like to spend time on the Internet. It can be fun as well as informative. It also is a great way for keeping in touch with our friends and relatives

Making Friends on the Internet

Face book, My Space, MSN Messenger are all very good sites where we can chat with a variety of people, but are these people really who they say they are? They seem to have the same interests as you do, around the same age, same taste in music. You check their profile, it seems to be ok, it has their name and how old they are, nothing too suspicious about them so you give the ok to chat. You discuss school and which one you attend. You talk about your other school friends who they are, and what they do. You also discuss about where you and your friends hang out at weekends. It all seems very innocent, BUT IS IT?

Cyber Space can be a dangerous place

Youíre having a great time chatting. Your friend seems to be a real fun kind of person. You have shared lots of secrets you would have never told your friends at school. They thought you looked real cool in the picture you sent them.DO YOU STILL THINK YOU ARE SAFE?






You check this personís profile and found it to be no different to any of your other friendís profiles.

Profiles do not really tell you anything about these people, they only tell you what they want you to believe. When registering on these sites or obtaining an email address, there is no way of proving your identity, they can be 14 or 41 male or female there is no way of knowing,

This person now knows all about you, you even revealed your secrets, are thy going to be broadcasted online or maybe all over your school, have you thought this person might physically know you and not let on. You could be a target for cyber Bullying.

What of they were a predator, you may have put yourself in grave danger, not only yourself, you revealed the names of your school friends, where they went to school and where they hang out at weekends, they to could be a target.

Would you be easily recognised if they were to wait outside your school gate, easily, they now have a real cool picture that you sent them but, there is a very good chance that you will not recognise them